Tendrils are right angle slimline low profile 3.5mm mono TS patch cables designed for close patch points, semi-permanent connections and live performance systems. Their mouldings are only 12mm high, so the cables can lay flat along the panel, and be patched closely together in any orientation. Knobs, switches and controls are more easily accessible, interfaces, touch surfaces and graphical displays are unobstructed. Put simply, there’s more clearance and less cable clutter!

Tendrils are also much thinner, lighter and more flexible than regular patch cables, so they’re perfect for travel applications where weight is an issue, such as flying on airlines with a fully patched system in a carry-on case. They’re less bulky, but no compromises are taken in their construction, incorporating a 26 AWG copper wire gauge, spiral shielding and a flexible strain relief, with all solder points encapsulated inside a moulding with a textured surface for extra grip.

Try some, they’ll grow on you!